The Bedroom Chronicles Pt. 3 – It’s Finally Finished!

With our new drywalled ceiling and (some of) the ugly paneling gone, we pushed ahead with our bedroom remodel. A new bedroom set with actual nightstands was first on the list. After years of cramming together on a full-size bed, I was desperate for an upgrade. Giddy with the thrill of our new purchase, we [...]

Change Happens

Happy March to you all! We hope you’ve had a wonderful year so far. Surprise! We’ve made a few changes to our little blog and will be adding/adjusting in the weeks to come. When we started this endeavor, beyond hoping to post more often, we had hadn’t put much stock in the success of this [...]

Turning the Page: The Sun Sets on the Farm

Hi everyone! I realize that it's been some time since I've gotten around to posting anything. Truth be told it hasn't been for the lack of endless projects in our neck of the woods but rather, hunkering down and finding the words ...and willpower... to write this particular post. How do you say goodbye? Correction: [...]