DIY Board & Batten – Grid Wall

DIY Board & Batten – Grid Wall

Morning friends! A few months ago the Mr and I determined it was time for a change of pace and listed our home on the market (more on that to come). Now, despite all of the improvements we'd managed over the past year, I couldn't help but feel hopelessly underwhelmed with reviewing our living room [...]


A Fresh Take on the Master Bedroom – pt. 1

It's no secret that our new home was extremely busy when it came to 'the bold and the outrageous' color scheme throughout. Managing to be both unflattering and non-complementary in one fell swoop we felt as though each room had been sealed away from the whole. That left us with a myriad of odd and [...]

Skimming the Walls and Other Lessons in Drywall Mudding

Ah, wall skimming. Sometimes, it's not enough to spackle the dents and holes in your walls. Sometimes, there are just too many to deal little marks and dents to deal with and trying to cover each one individually is just plain tedious. I present for your viewing pleasure, Exhibit A (left side) the wall in [...]