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baileyridge  Hello friends and welcome to our haven. The husband and I recently decided to hang up our hats as we bade farewell to our farm, kicked off our boots, and moved into our spacious suburban hideaway a stone’s throw from downtown. Since then, we have been working our way, room by room, through our new home as we’ve worked to make it truly ‘ours’.

On a shoestring budget and with a little ingenuity we have repaired drywall, built furniture, painted nearly every surface twice over, planked walls, and restored antiques while working to bring a touch of personal charm to our home. We appreciate a “livable” home infused with modern comforts and rustic touches to bring elements of our former farmhouse into our new home in the city.

In home design, anything can become possible if you have the courage to pursue your passion. We invite you to join us on our journey as we work together to make this house our home, little by little.


parkside   Hello out there and welcome to our Parkside Twin. I’m Elizabeth, a creative, imaginative, big-picture person. I usually let the husband work out the finer details, while I focus on the end result. There are moments when my imagination overtakes reality and can lead to some awkward moments, but that doesn’t deter me! I will find a way to do it, do it well and hopefully, within budget.

The hubby and I are very hands-on, doing much of the remodel work ourselves (even if it takes a few tries to get it right). While we are not master level DIY-ers, we’re eager to learn and willing to try new things. Our home’s style mixes traditional decor with modern elements for a fresh but (hopefully) timeless appeal.

This is our first house and we have put a lot of sweat and elbow grease into fixing up this quaint old twin. It might not be a dream home yet, but someday we’ll get there. In the meantime, come along for the ride and share with us in the tears and joys of renovating our home on a wing and a prayer and a budget so tight it would make a Dutchman proud.

Thanks for tagging along!


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