A Fresh Take on the Master Bedroom – pt. 1

It's no secret that our new home was extremely busy when it came to 'the bold and the outrageous' color scheme throughout. Managing to be both unflattering and non-complementary in one fell swoop we felt as though each room had been sealed away from the whole. That left us with a myriad of odd and [...]

House Hunting: When You’ve Found “The One”

House Hunting: When You’ve Found “The One”

Hunting: [huhn-ting] Noun. 1. the act of a person, animal, or thing that hunts. Has anyone else has realized just how accurate this seems to be when looking to snatch up a house nowadays? In all seriousness -in any other setting- my browser search history would likely have us on the 9 o'clock news because we LITERALLY stalked listings, mapped out nearby open houses, and were [...]

Turning the Page: The Sun Sets on the Farm

Hi everyone! I realize that it's been some time since I've gotten around to posting anything. Truth be told it hasn't been for the lack of endless projects in our neck of the woods but rather, hunkering down and finding the words ...and willpower... to write this particular post. How do you say goodbye? Correction: [...]