Horse Fencing 101: SCIENCE …errr PROGRESS!!!

Horse Fencing 101: SCIENCE …errr PROGRESS!!!

Morning y'all, don't mind me ... between what feels like two-full time jobs and 5-7 hours a day in the harsh sticky heat of the South I find myself jiving my inner Bill Nye the Science Guy. It's been a couple weeks since I last posted photos of the project's progression from gently rolling weed-filled [...]

Horse Fencing 101: Post Hole Digging Edition

Do you ever find yourself looking over the "how-to's" of a project only to watch everything that can go wrong, do so, once you've already thrown yourself into the heart of it? Well my friends, that's what this continuing experience has become...the seemingly "easy" part of the fence construction process that was estimated to take [...]

Horse Fencing 101: Choosing the Right Fence

As you all know, the Mr. and I left our cozy suburban lifestyle behind when the chance to own our very own farmhouse became a viable choice for us. Now then, first things first... we have acres of rolling pasture surrounding our home but only semi cross-fenced sections with barbed wire and wobbly splintered posts. [...]