The Bedroom Chronicles Pt. 3 – It’s Finally Finished!

With our new drywalled ceiling and (some of) the ugly paneling gone, we pushed ahead with our bedroom remodel. A new bedroom set with actual nightstands was first on the list. After years of cramming together on a full-size bed, I was desperate for an upgrade.

The 3rd floor attic bedroom

Giddy with the thrill of our new purchase, we both set into full work mode. There was not going to be any slacking on this remodel, not with a deadline in place. My husband was even kind enough to plan out our week, making sure we got the most out of each day.

20190304_082617 (1)
Our schedule. So efficient right?

But as is usually the case with our home remodel projects, we hit a snag. Halfway through the weekend, my husband hurt his back forcing him to limit his activity. With impending furniture delivery the following Friday, it was up to me to finish painting and get the room ready in a week. At first, it didn’t seem so terrible. I could do this in a week, it was only painting. We had already skimmed and primed the walls and the only things left were the paneling, trim and then to paint. Yet, the closer we came to Friday, the more anxious I became, stressing that there wouldn’t be enough time. Somehow, we made it through a very hectic week and just in time for the furniture delivery.

Of course, our cats wasted zero time in claiming the new bed for themselves. To them a bigger bed meant more room for them to sprawl out.

His bed now.

The closet ended up being a whole nother ordeal and should almost be its own post. But I’m feeling lazy so for the sake of time and efficiency, we’ll just say that wasn’t a high priority until after the furniture was in. I assembled 90% of the organizing system myself which I’m rather proud of. It was a huge pain but now that it’s finished, everything looks fabulous so I can say it was worth the effort.

At the end of it all, we have a beautiful new bedroom, the spouse is slowly but surely on the mend, and all that’s left is to add a few finishing touches.

Before & After

One project down, next project here I come!

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