The Bedroom Chronicles Pt. 2 – What now?

With the drop tiles, track, and all the scrap wood removed, the husband and I had to stop and weigh our options. It was obvious why there were drop tile ceilings, now that we had seen first hand the condition of the plaster.

I thought I had better pictures of the ceiling but apparently, that is not the case.

Shocking, and honestly, a little frustrating. Can nothing in this house be simple and easy? (As Christy has so expertly phrased it, my house needs Jesus, plain and simple.)
That left us with the dilemma of what to do next. Given the state of things, neither I or the hubby were unsure of how to proceed on our own. The big question: would it be necessary to have a new ceiling framed below the existing one? And was the wall going to be an issue as well? We didn’t want this to be another month long project, working here and there whenever possible, and my husband’s back problems to factor in as well. Hiring a pro seemed like the best option, not only for the extra experience but also for the sake of time and efficiency. We found PainterPros drywalling and painting through Home Advisor to tackle our ceiling project and one of the walls as well.
Even with the weirdness of having a very old house coupled with Mr. D’s “improvements”, they were able to drywall the room quickly and efficiently.
And while you wait for the next post, here are a few “in-progress” photos to tide you over.


Goodbye paneling. I will not miss you.


Behind the paneling: WTF is happening here?! Why was there a doorway covered up?! (The hole on the other side of the wall we did, but still SO MANY QUESTIONS!)


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