Horse Fencing 101: Pasture Fencing at its Finest

“I dreamed a dream of time gone by, when hope was high and …” Wait, this isn’t Les Miserables. (Could be? Possibly… I hope not.)

Right then, so I had my fingers crossed that our fence post holes would be dug, posts set,  and… dare I say, fence up and ready for our horses by Friday. (And by Friday, I mean Friday two days ago…)

Well! I can say that all of our post holes have been dug, despite the adamantium strength clay-soil we have. The one drawback? Well rather, the main drawback is that we completed that yesterday. The day after I was hoping to have the entirety of the fence done.

All things considered, I’m the silver lining type and the fact that I managed to tear down 5 acres worth of barbed wire fencing that we inherited with the property…and only nicked myself in one teensy tiny place on my arm, GREAT SUCCESS!

Removing rusted barbed wire and recoiling it is the worst but barbed wire kabobs were fun to create!

The Mr. and our friend worked tirelessly in the sticky humid heat of the south. So…while I’ve extended boarding our horses another week or two, an expense we would’ve rather avoided, we are finally ready to get this fence movin’!

Our posts were a week behind schedule but when you reach this point in a project (T minus 30 days anyone?) you find that you become far more tolerant of the speed-bumps because the joy you feel at them arriving outweighs the previous weeks of frustration. And can I just add, they were worth the wait! Eco-friendly treated wood posts in all of their overpriced but delightful glory!

We chose CA-Preserve or the Copper Azole treatment for our posts. This was to ensure durability and longevity as well as horse-friendly and well-water safe.

And now that you’ve seen them too I already know what you’re thinking. That’s it? These are the posts that dreams are made of? But Christy…it’s just wood 4×4’s…I mean really, let it go. They’re JUST 4×4’s. Not for nothing, I get it, I do…but it’s not taking the wind from -these- sails, oh no! I’m still really excited. Like…ran out and began cutting the straps to begin carrying posts to lay next to their respective post holes, kind of excited.

If that didn’t convince you, running about wildly in 90+ degree weather with the humidity above 85%… -THAT- my darlings is excitement!

SnapChat happened when I drove home and spotted them. #sorrynotsorry

So what’s the next step? I foresee concrete, gravel, and sand in my immediate future as we set all of these posts in place. The plan WAS to set the end posts and gate’s posts today to give our concrete 3 days to set fully but…thunderstorms have halted progress for the time being.

After non-stop work around the farm to begin whipping it back into shape from its vacant status over the past few years, I am entirely alright with a day spent relaxing to the sound of the rain.

Cheers to progress!

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